We’re all Schwarzenegger

Yes, we’re all Arnold Schwarzenegger in some way.

The more dumbells and bench press that we use to exercise, the stronger our muscles will grow; but … how about our minds?

Consciously or not, we’re constantly reinforcing behaviors on every new opportunity that we have to exercise them and, like with our muscles, our behaviors grow bigger and stronger (…and sometimes, uglier).

What we call our habits, are one kind of programming – like in software – that our minds adopted to be more efficient, that is: spend fewer resources in processing some input. (Charles Duhigg – The Power of Habit)

We have the freedom to choose whether we’ll be the next Mr. Universe of pessimism, self-defeating and procrastination, or we’ll take ownership of our fate by becoming our own mind programmers.

Make your choice and Keep on Learning….


Formula: “x – 32 Years = Lifetime”

It’s not about adding years to your lifetime on every birthday celebration but instead, it’s about how much time remains.

Most of the time, we humans allow our indifference towards time to fill most of our lifetime (Parkinson’s Law) and we waste precious time and energies in less than relevant activities.

Have you ever taken a short vacation to an exotic place that you have been planning to go?… Once you get there, the pressure of knowing that we have a fixed date in the place motivates us to enjoy the trip as much as possible. An intense Carpe diem takes over us, an almost “back to childhood” feeling where we’re completely present and without worries.

Life is already a short trip. What if we enjoy it?

Keep on learning…



Short Trips

Why is it that we get that dopamine rush when we’re on a short trip?

We’ve all had that adventure, that even may last for a weekend only, it makes us feel like we are completely alive and living to the fullest. We try to discover, try to enjoy the place that we’re visiting and, every experience and moment there.

What’s funny, is that we don’t realize that we’re traveling at 30 km per second (around 18 miles/second) around the Sun or that we’re moving around 250 km/s around the Milky Way Galaxy!!

It’s up to us to choose the micro or macro perspective of the situation.

Enjoy the Ride and Keep on learning…



The cat didn’t have a chance

“Curiosity killed the cat” they said, but the truth is that the cat had zero chance against life.

Show me a cat that has lived forever (not even Egyptian cat goddesses made it!). So, why does the cat need to be afraid of trying out new experiences?

The fear to change, the fear of the unknown, it’s all in our minds. Not facing them or pursuing our curiosity will only create a life full of boredom, a.k.a “status quo”.

Let’s face it, we’re not going to get alive out of this adventure, therefore, why not to be curious?

Curiosity may have killed the cat, ….but at least we know that cat lived to the fullest.

Keep on learning….,


The Roller Coaster.

Hoy aprendí que la vida tiene subidas y bajadas en cada una de las categoria de nuestra existencia.

Ver a otros triunfar, nos motiva. Ver a otros caer, nos entristece. Un momento dado, te ves al espejo y eres un campeón. Y en otro momento, te ves al espejo y te sientes miserable.

Sin importar cualquiera que sea la situación entre esos dos extremos, la premisa es: “…There are no problems, only Opportunities to Grow.”

For any of those two opposite circumstances, the recipe is:  Stand up, clean up your wounds, and wait for the next round. Life’s our private roller coaster. 

Keep on Learning…


Change Agent = Chaos Agent

Life’s unique Constant is Change. Sometimes change is smooth, sometimes it hurts. That’s when we call it chaos.

When we decide to become the agents of change, that’s when we have the chance to flow with change itself. So, don’t miss the opportunity to change something that sooner or later will inevitably change.

We came to disrupt the ecosystem where we live in. Every new born is a chance to positively disrupt the status quo, to improve what surrounds him\her in the upcoming years.

Keep on learning…