Mass Production Machines

An average human is right now producing:

The point is, even if we are at rest, our default state is that one of a Mass Waste Production Machine.

What about what we produce with our minds?

Our mental production depends on what are we feeding them with, but most importantly it depends on how conscious we are about our Production Strategy – that is, our decision to produce positive or negative thoughts.

If our default human condition is to be physical and mental waste machines, the challenge resides in accepting our physical condition and taking full ownership of our mind’s production to impact positively our surroundings. More on this topic will be covered in the next post.

Keep on Producing and Learning.


CI/CD in real life

CI/CD or Continuous Integration and Delivery is not related to software and technology exclusively.

CI/CD means – overall – Continuous Integration of lessons into our minds and Continuous Delivery of digested knowledge for the benefit of something bigger than us (our family, society, planet).

Both of them are enabled by a key principle – Continuous Learning – and their output is much more than simply mobile apps or websites; they create Kaizen (Continuous Improvement), that kicks dopamine in our brains and triggers curiosity to learn more in an infinite loop.


Keep on learning…

Formula: “x – 32 Years = Lifetime”

It’s not about adding years to your lifetime on every birthday celebration but instead, it’s about how much time remains.

Most of the time, we humans allow our indifference towards time to fill most of our lifetime (Parkinson’s Law) and we waste precious time and energies in less than relevant activities.

Have you ever taken a short vacation to an exotic place that you have been planning to go?… Once you get there, the pressure of knowing that we have a fixed date in the place motivates us to enjoy the trip as much as possible. An intense Carpe diem takes over us, an almost “back to childhood” feeling where we’re completely present and without worries.

Life is already a short trip. What if we enjoy it?

Keep on learning…